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Below are a few of our favorite gift boxes as suggestions.

1. Deluxe Package

Price: 125.00 (USD)

The Ultimate gift box!  The hardest choices will be deciding which variety of honey and candles to include!  The best pick when smaller options just won't do!

3- Large Honeys  (choices of Blackberry, Fireweed, Meadowfoam)
1- Large Beeswax Candle Tin  (Lavender or Natural)
1- Medium Beeswax Tin (Lavender or Natural)
2- 12 inch Taper Candles
2- Lip Balms
1-  Firestarter

Deluxe Package

2. Variety Package

Price: 100.00 (USD)

The Go-To package for a little bit of everything.  Variety with a great selection and many choices.

2- Large Honey  (choice of Blackberry, Fireweed, Meadowfoam)
1- Large Beeswax Candle Tin (Lavender or Natural)
2- 12 inch Taper Candles
2- Firestarter
2- Lip Balms

Variety Package

3. Honey-Lovers Package

Price: 80.00 (USD)

Here's the package for the honey adventurist!  Try new varieties or stock up on your favorite.  Be creative and mix or match.

Use the notes section below to tell us which 3 honeys you want.  (Your choice: Blackberry, Fireweed or Meadowfoam)

Taxes are already included so the price you see is the price you pay!

Plus, you get 2 Natural Honey Lip Balm FREE!

Honey Lovers Package

4. Beeswax Candles Package

Price: 80.00 (USD)

Perfect gift for any candle lover, a much better choice than petrochemical candles!  A great and versatile selection, filled with so many candles that it would be easy to share.

2- 12" tapers
1- Large Beeswax Candle tin (Lavender or Natural)
1- Medium Beeswax Candle tin (Lavender or Natural)
1- Honey Bubble
2- Small Foundation rolled votive
3- Lip Balm

5. Campers Package

Price: 80.00 (USD)

Outdoor enthusiasts can get everything needed for a weekend camping trip or supplies for the home Emergency kit.  Great to have on hand or as a gift.

1- Large Honey
2- Firestarters
2- Lip Balm
2- Large Beeswax Candle tins

Campers Package

6. Lip Care Package

Price: 35.00 (USD)

The ultimate supply of our wonderful balm- plenty to give away to lucky friends or to keep within hands reach no matter where you are.  Keep them at home, at the office, in the car; anywhere you might need natural lip lusciousness!

This package contains 10- Lip Balms.

Lip Care Package